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18 products

Men's Leather Boat Shoes REDSKINS

Are you looking for a men's boat shoe? Traditionally worn on boat decks to avoid slipping, the boat shoe has now become a great classic in city shoes. Also called a boat moccasin, it is recognized for being a comfortable and essential shoe for the summer season. With its chic and relaxed look, it can be worn in many situations: barbecue, city walk, day at sea... Of course, it can be worn without socks! Ranging from classic colors like brown, black to brighter colors like red, you have a wide choice of colors at your disposal!

Why choose Redskins boat shoes for summer?

They are both elegant but also versatile and comfortable. Indeed, the non-slip rubber sole ensures incomparable flexibility. The laces also provide excellent foot support.

Which materials to choose for boat shoes?

Redskins men's boat shoes are usually made of leather or suede. The choice will depend on how you want to use your boat shoes. For a sea trip, we recommend leather boat shoe which will be more water resistant. If you are looking for a more casual shoe for a ceremony or for everyday use, then opt for a suede boat shoe.

How to choose the right boat shoe size?

To avoid discomfort (but also blisters), it is important to choose the right size boat shoes. For this, you can refer to our size guide available on each model. Redskins boat shoes for men are available in sizes 40 to 45.

How to maintain your boat shoes?

The maintenance of Redskins men's leather boat shoes is essential to keep them looking new for as long as possible! To clean leather boat shoes, use a soft brush and a specific leather care product. For velor boat shoes, a soft brush and soapy water is enough! For more details, you can consult our shoe care guide by material.